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English Summary

The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic

The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic is a basic document for central flood protection management in the Czech Republic. It includes a detailed breakdown of tasks and activities for the implementation of flood protection measures at the level of central governmental bodies and organizations with national or regional authority.

The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic is prepared by the Ministry of the Environment (hereinafter referred to as "MoE") on the basis of the provisions of Section 71 d) Act No. 254/2001 Coll., On waters. It is based on current legislation, laid down by the Water Act and other related regulations. The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic is subject to an annual review (by 31 March at the latest) and may be amended or supplemented as necessary, based on the results of the review. The review together with the date and signature of the chairman of the Central Flood Commission shall be recorded in one archived copy of the Flood Plan of the Czech Republic. A review and modification of the Flood Plan of the Czech Republic is also carried out after an evaluation of a major flood, a change in the organization of public authorities, changes in legislative regulations or other circumstances requiring change.

The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic is the basis for decision-making by the Central Flood Commission (hereinafter referred to as the "CFC") in cases where flooding is threatening larger territorial units or if the forces and resources of the relevant flood commissions in the regions are insufficient, or the coordination of their activities is necessary. More detailed technical data for ÚPK activity, unless included in this Flood Plan, are included in the flood plans of the administrative districts of the regions, which are stored at the relevant regional authority and at the MoE.

The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic contains a textual part and a graphics and organisational section in the annexes, which are integral. The list of members on the CFC and CFC Staff Working Group may change frequently. If they are more or less similar to some extent, there is no reason to re-distribute this attachment. Its current status is stored at the Ministry of the Environment and will be sent upon request.

The Flood Plan of the Czech Republic is distributed to:

Members of the CFC

Members of the CFC Staff Working Group

Regional Presidents

The Czech Hydro-meteorological Institute - forecast flood service

The state enterprises of the Vltava River Basin, the Ohře River Basin, the Elbe River Basin, the Morava River Basin and the Odra River Basin, and the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic.

The graphic / map section of the digital Flood Plan includes:

Map of the Czech Republic

Water metering profiles

Watercourses and works

Flood zones

Dibavod (digital database of water management data)

Objects of the digital Flood Plan for the Czech Republic

Flow times on selected river network


Important Flood Plan organizations

River sections in areas with significant flood risks

Risk areas in torrential reinfalls in the Czech Republic


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